Client: The Chimera Project Collective
Project: Event / Film

The Calm Before… starts with a question: How to escape the present moment? To find the symbolic exit from the present, the protagonist must face seven fears, progressing through an intense labyrinth of the subconscious.Inspired by the need to escape an oncoming metaphoric storm where inner strength must be summoned in the face of deep seated fears, this radical new work is charged by the clash and blend of hip hop, contemporary and improvisation.

Furious kinetics and theatricality, The Chimera Project’s trademarks, reach new heights in this visceral heroic journey.


Client: DAREarts
Project: Event / Film

On November 9th at the Bell Tiff Lightbox Malaparte Restaurant, DAREarts held their third annual DAREaffair event. The evening, emceed by Lee Pham, featured the Jessica Blake Band, SheKing singing her newest release ‘I am not OK’, the Supernaturalz, and the beats of Scott Jackson. The memorable evening was filled with energy and joy as over 150 of Toronto’s young professionals came out to support DAREarts Canada. All proceeds from the event will be donated to DAREarts.


Client: A Fresh Grounds New Work Commission
Project: Entertainment / Event / Film

Thanks to Harbourfront Centre’s Fresh Ground new works commissioning programme breaking has finally hit Toronto’s performing arts stage in this dynamic new full length dance production. ENTER THE SHADOW brings the audience into the life of a b-boy crew struggling to find their artistic path while meeting the demands of the everyday modern world. It is an uninhibited look at the raw art and passion behind b-boying. From the history and evolution, to the struggles and inspirations of b-boying, ENTE R THE SHADOW is an adventure through the streets, demonstrating the ability of b-boys to challenge social issues and connect people through the power and language of dance. Join us as we paint the picture of this often misunderstood dance form through its explosive dance techniques and interdisciplinary exploration of hip-hop culture.